Update on the body of our car

Publication date : 17/04/2020 18:17:31
Category : Chassis

The chassis of our single-seater is to the human body what the skeleton is. It is on this element that all the other parts of the car will be added: the ground connections, the aerodynamic hulls, the engine, the battery, the bucket, all the wiring... We had to define the technical requirements at the beginning of our project to move forward quickly with the design of the frame.
For the sake of manufacturing means and knowledge, we have chosen to start with a classic tubular steel frame rather than a carbon monocoque. Working cooperatively with the other teams, the students in charge of designing our latticework must provide anchor points for the suspensions, wheels, and fairings. They must also provide rooms for the installation of the battery and powertrain while ensuring the safety of the driver and compliance with the specifications.
After several weeks of cross-working, the design of the chassis came to an end and the steel tubes had already arrived at the workshop when the sanitary situation annihilated the following step: production.
Far from being discouraged, we took advantage of this situation to optimize our core element. Thanks to the Discord service, we have maintained weekly meetings of each team. With voice conversation and screen sharing (i.e. CAD), the work was able to continue. Thus, during the first weeks of the quarantine, the various teams were still giving technical constraints to our chassis team. Now optimized, the geometry of our chassis has been fixed.
That's why the people who worked on the chassis devote themselves to new tasks: Clara takes care of compliance by writing and following the SES sheet, Guillaume designs the welding templates in medium and Lucas prepares the plan for cutting the tubes.
Clément and Rémi are in charge of the CAD sharing and the procedures to be followed to allow the other teams to mount their work directly on the frame.