A significant step regarding aerodynamic.

Publication date : 13/04/2020 13:22:28
Category : Aerodynamics

Now that the chassis modeling has made some big improvements, our team in charge of the aerodynamic of the car will be more focused on the modeling of the hull and some more complex aerodynamic parts. The hull of our car will be quite classic. The conception of the spoiler will have a big role on the aerodynamic work because it can affect the different configurations that we may choose or the choice of the material in order to follow the goal that we have set or the different constraints.

For our first development car, we can't rely on concrete test in real condition. That's why our team will do a dynamic model so that we can have a robust model as close as possible to the reality. This includes theoretical data such as the center of mass, friction coefficients of the wheels on the ground, or even the aerodynamic repartition. This model will allow us to optimize the car performance based on the car data. We will set up different frame profiles with, among other things, various angle variations, chord length or stage number. And because of that, we will know the adequate aerodynamic configuration to choose. Those digital simulations will allow us to make the best possible choice concerning the spoiler according to our car. Moreover, at the moment, the aerodynamic team is seriously searching the right material to realize the hull and the spoiler of our car. Carbon fiber is the material that is the most used. However, because of the high price cost and our ecological approach, we will find another solution. We have made some research and for now, we have pick two different materials:

  • Flax fiber: with its appropriate mechanical quality, flax fiber seems to perfectly match our needs. Even though it's widely used in Formula Student, it is still heavier than carbon fiber.
  • Bamboo fiber: this fiber combines the mechanical quality and the lightness that we need. It is three times less dense than fiberglass and even lighter than carbon fiber. But, because yes there is a downside, very few companies work with that. That's why we are really intrigued by bamboo fiber and our team will try to work with some of the companies that know how to work with it.