Our car

Modélisation de notre monoplace

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Our car is designed with sustainable engineering principles such as electric motorization, bio-sourced materials, extended life cycle with the reuse of certain parts.
In order to meet our eco-mobility policy, the car will be powered by two electric motors of 30kW/h each. These motors will be powered by a "high performance" battery (550 cells separated into 5 segments).
Due to the various lateral and longitudinal accelerations that the car will suffer, we decided to go for a push suspension, rather than stiff, as well as for a tubular chassis in 25CD4S steel which is isotropic, resistant to corrosion and with a high breaking limit.
We will build a body and most of the aerodynamics with bio-sourced composite materials and we will prioritize recyclable materials as much as possible, such as bamboo fiber.

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